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Red Pine

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Lot Location : 7.6, 9.1

Other common names: Red pine, Norway pine, hard pine, pitch pine

Mature Height/spread: Red Pine is a coniferous evergreen tree characterized by tall, straight growth of 50-100 ft high and 30 ft wide with a trunk diameter of one to three ft. Fast grower for the first 60 – 70 years.

Soil / Climate: Red pine does well in a variety of soils and climates, native to the Northeastern United States, from Pennsylvania to Canada and west into parts of Michigan. This species is intolerant of shade, but does well in windy sites; it grows best in well-drained sandy soils. Red Pine is a long-lived tree, reaching a maximum age of about 500 years

Notes: The wood is commercially valuable in forestry for timber and paper pulp, and the tree is also used for landscaping. It has sharp-pointed needles, 2 needles per fascicle, needles roughly 5″ long. The pollen-bearing male flowers arrive in mid-spring (which are red in color) fertilize the immature female buds. Red Pine seeds are egg shaped. The bark is orange-red and flaky. Red Pine makes up most of the wooden telephone poles in Michigan.

Wildlife: Seed is eaten by wood duck, turkey, bobwhite, pheasant, pileated, and many other woodpeckers.

Zone: 2-6