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Our Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Over the years, we have tried growing over 20 different heirloom tomato varieties and have chosen our favorite varieties to continue to grow based on yield, customer preference, and flavor. Heirloom tomatoes were bred for flavor and yield, unlike the hybrids found in grocery stores which were bred for storing capability and perfect roundness. Because of this, many people agree that you haven’t tasted a tomato unless you have tried an heirloom one. Also, unlike hybrids, heirloom tomatoes’ seeds will produce true to type, so you can save seeds from a tomato and grow the same variety with all of its great traits year after year. Happy planting!

Solar Flair

solar flair tomato start heirloom Hammarlund NurseryThis beefsteak tomato is red with stripes of gold. It is pure red when sliced and has a rich tomato flavor. Very pretty without being too outlandish!

Black Krim

The Black Krim is an heirloom tomato originally from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. As most heirlooms, it is indeterminate and open pollinated. Its tomatoes are large and a dark reddish purple, sometimes green or brown on the upper portion.


Green Zebra

green zebra tomato start heirloom Hammarlund Nursery

Excellent yield. Beautiful striped fruit, lime green and chartreuse. Flesh is green, yet as sweet as any red tomato with tons of flavor. Has been said to be a favorite among chefs and specialty markets. Often produces first among the varieties we grow.


Black Icicle

black icicle tomato start heirloom Hammarlund Nursery

The perfect dark fruit is slender and meaty similar to a Roma tomato. Often a favorite among gardeners and chefs for its abundant harvest and rich flavor. The flavor is sweet and deep. The tomato itself is such a deep red it appears almost purple or brown on the upper half.


Dr. Wyche's Yellow

This heirloom was introduced to Seed Savers Exchange by Dr. John Wyche and so named in his honor. The large fruit (often over one pound!) is a bright yellow-orange and has a smooth skin and texture. Its flavor is sweet with little of the tomato bite.


Blue Beauty

blue beauty tomato start heirloom Hammarlund Nursery

Blue Beauty is truly a beauty with blue/purple shoulders and a bright tomato-red underside. It is an amazing beefsteak/slicer type tomato on sandwiches. It averages 8 oz in size.


Hungarian Heart 

hungarian heart tomato start heirloom Hammarlund Nursery

This tomato is huge. Some weighing in close to 2 lbs. It is a pleasant red/pink growing in the shape of a heart. It is great for canning, especially for paste, and with its huge size there is barely any coring or skinning to do! Very few seeds as well! Also suitable for big slices on sandwiches.


Brads Atomic Grape

Although they may not produce as heavily as some of our varieties, they are still a favorite. These tomatoes are like gems. They are so colorful, often with red, blue, copper, chartreuse, black, and purple all on one tomato. The interiors are normally a deep maroon red. The flavor is similar to a cherry tomato very sweet. The tomatoes vary in size from a grape tomato size all the way up to a plum size. Very delicious for eating fresh or salads. Sure to spark a conversation at farmers markets or wherever they are brought.


Sun Sugar Gold

sun sugar tomato start heirloom Hammarlund Nursery

Although not actually an heirloom tomato, these are a yearly staple for us. Their reliably sweet flavor with bountiful production just can't be beat. We have tried other cherry tomatoes, but we still haven't found any tomatoes that are as reliably sweet and flavorful despite changes in temperature, soil, fertility, seed source etc.