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Juniper "Compressa"

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Lot Location: 9.2 & 7.5

Also known as common juniper, pencil point juniper, and sentinel juniper.

Winter hardy to USDA Zones 2-6 where it is best grown in medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates a wide range of soils, including very poor often rocky soils. Established plants have good drought tolerance. Species plants are particularly noted for their superior tolerance for cold temperatures and superior intolerance for heat and humidity. Plants will survive in the wild within the Arctic Circle, but are not recommended for planting in locations south of USDA Zone 6.

Description: Resembling a tapered candle with silver green foliage, this plant is known in the trade as Pencil Point Juniper for its dense erect cone-shaped form. It's also known as Sentinel juniper. 

Morphology: Compressa Common Juniper is a true dwarf confer in that it only grows 1” per year and does not exceed 6’ at maturity. At full size this plant stays under 1’ in width. It features beautiful blue-green foliage, with awl-shaped needles. Upon close examination the needles will have a conspicuous silvery band above with green margins. 

Height: 6 ft.

Width: 1 ft.