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Jack in the Pulpit

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Jack-in-the-pulpit blooms in spring. Its intricate, cuplike flowers have a hooded top (a spathe) in earthy colors like green, cream, burgundy, and brown. From the center of the cup, a pollen-bearing spike peeks out, resembling a person standing in a pulpit. As the flowers fade, the plant produces a cluster of red berries mid-to late-summer. These berries become more visible as the spathe withers and shrinks, adding a late dash of color to the shade garden.

This native plant thrives in damp, acidic, and rich humus forest floors in eastern North America. To create this habitat for Jack-in-the-pulpit in your garden, amend the soil in an area of full or part shade with compost and an acidic fertilizer if needed. It doesn't require a well-drained location as many other plants do, making it a wonderful option for wet, boggy areas of your garden. 

Deer resistant

Height: 1-3 feet

Width: 12 inches

Zone: 2-7

Exposure: Part to full shade

Picture and description from Better Homes and Gardens