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Grefshiem Spirea

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Grefsheim Spirea is an ornamental shrub and one of the loveliest early flowering Spireas available today.  Plant one in your front yard where friends and neighbors will be sure to pause to take in its spring majesty.

Your Grefsheim Spirea is a show-stopper when it bursts into bloom each spring.  Rarely will you see such a stunning display of pristine, white floral perfection as when your Grefsheim drapes itself in the tiny white flowers that line its arching branches. 

As spring slides into summer, the blue-tinted hue of the narrow, green leaves takes over, filling out your Grefsheim Spirea for a full, compact appearance. 

When autumn arrives, the green foliage surrenders to the reddish-brown shades of the season, for one last gasp of color before winter’s rest. 

Grefsheim Spirea is a dense, rounded vase-shape shrub with arching branches.  It will grow 4-5 feet in height with an equal spread. 

Grefsheim is tolerant of a variety of soil types and prefers full sun.  Butterflies and other pollinators love it, but deer tend to leave it alone.  It’s fast-growing and requires minimal care. 

All in all, Grefsheim Spirea is an outstanding ornamental shrub with exceptional features.

* Stunning spring display
* Tolerant of many soil types
* Wildlife interest