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Glossy Black Chokeberry- Aronia melanocarpa

Glossy Black Chokeberry- Aronia melanocarpa

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Aronia melanocarpa

For a hard-working, beautiful landscape that gives you edible berries, and brings birds to your yard, consider using the native Glossy Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa var.elata) in your design plan. This rounded, upright shrub delivers beauty for your yard in every season of the year.Brilliant Orange, Red and Purple Fall Color
  • Rounded Shape Makes a Great Informal Hedge
  • White Flowers in Clusters in Spring
  • Glossy Dark Green Foliage
  • Large Fruit Display Starts Red, turns Purple, then Shiny Black
  • Edible Superfruit is Extremely Healthy
  • Birds Love the Berries, Too!
  • Native Deciduous Shrub
  • Very Adaptable and Versatile
  • Sun, Partial Shade or Shade
  • Wet or Dry Soils

You'll love the fragrant clusters of snow-white flowers in May. Summer leaves are glossy and dark green throughout the growing season. In autumn, the foliage explodes into glowing orange, rich purple and brilliant red, an eye-catching fall color display!

The healthy, deep berries are produced in clusters. They’ll start green, then turn red, then purple and finish black. They’ll hang on well into winter, unless hungry birds eat the berries before the snow flies. Be warned, you will need to fight the birds for your crop.