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Clematis is a genus of 300 species of flowering vines in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. Many species are native to China and Japan. Some of the cooler temperate species are deciduous, while the warmer climate species are evergreen. Although many of these plants are climbers, there are some species that can be grown as shrubs.



Jackmanii - Purple Flowers

Among the most popular and easy to grow, Clematis 'Jackmanii' is a lovely deciduous vine which gets covered with a profusion of velvety dark purple flowers, fading to violet over time and harmoniously contrasting with the greenish-cream anthers. The 4-petaled blossoms are held wide open and measure 3-4 in. 8-12 feet long.

Huldine - White Flowers

Huldine Clematis features showy white star-shaped flowers with lemon yellow eyes and a lavender reverse at the ends of the branches from early summer to mid fall. This is a relatively low maintenance woody vine. It is a Type 2 clematis, which means it will bloom primarily on old wood of the previous season, with a second flush later in summer. Dead and weak vines should be removed in late winter, and remaining vines should be trimmed back to the first buds that are seen to remove dead stems. It is a good choice for attracting hummingbirds to your yard.

Rebecca - Red Flowers

Rebecca Clematis features showy red star-shaped flowers with creamy white anthers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early fall.

Duchess of Edinburgh - White Flowers

Adding a touch of elegance to the garden, Clematis 'Duchess of Edinburgh' is a deciduous climber with luminous, fully double, pure white flowers, 4-6 in. across, composed of several layers of narrow white sepals which tend to recurve at their tips. The gorgeous rosettes are occasionally tinged with green.

Polish Spirit- Red Purple Flowers

Group 3 clematis. Prune late winter to early spring one foot or so above the ground. Similar to Jackmonii but more red in color.

Nubia- Red Purple Flowers

Zone 4-9

Size: 3-5'

Prune in late winter

Blooms early summer then reblooms later

Blooms on new growth

Velvet red flowers are showstoppers



Photo credit: GreatPlantPicks.org

Nubia photo credit: Spring Hill Nursery