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White Cedar

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Lot location: 7.5, 9.1, 9.3

Other common names: northern white-cedar, American arborvitae, arborvitae, eastern white-cedar, white-cedar, swamp-cedar

White cedars have been valued by many cultures over the centuries. They have a pleasing aroma and form a dense pyramid shape. Adaptable and hardy, they are also one of the longest-lived trees with some being estimated to be over 1,000 years old. They are popular as windbreaks, specimen trees, and landscape trees.

Mature Height/spread: Arborvitae (Tree of Life) can grow up to 40-50 ft with a spread of 10-15′. Slow to medium growth rate average 13-24″ per year in ideal conditions.

Soil / Climate: White Cedar enjoy limestone soils, moist, boggy areas. Northern White-Cedar is tolerant of acidic and alkaline soils. Generally quite adaptable and tolerant once established, full sun. Partial shade is tolerated but plants become thin, open and much less appealing. Does well in cold climates.


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